Riot in prisons

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Prison riot

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10 Worst Prison Riots of All Time

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Prison riot

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Pussy Riot activist protests torture in Russian prisons

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Attica Prison riot

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The Attica Prison uprising, also known as the Attica Prison rebellion or Attica Prison riot, occurred at the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York, United States, in The Lee County Coroner's Office on Tuesday released the official causes of death for the seven inmates killed at Lee Correctional Institution during a prison riot on April Apr 16,  · The riot, sparked by gangs within the prison who were warring over territory, money and contraband, left seven inmates dead and 17 injured, many of.

But first we turn to the bloody violence that broke out Sunday night at a maximum security prison in South Carolina, leaving seven prisoners dead, 17 others seriously injured, the deadliest prison riot in the United States in a quarter of a century.

A coroner said all the prisoners were stabbed, slashed or beaten. Apr 30,  · Watch video · Fatal riot indicative of nationwide surge, but South Carolina prisons are among the cheapest in the nation for taxpayers and deadliest for inmates.

The riot was the latest violence in the South Carolina prisons system, where at least 13 other inmates have been killed by fellow prisoners since the start of

Riot in prisons
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Tales from jail: Why UK prisoners are rioting and why there will be more