Patriots or traitors

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Patriots or traitors? The soldiers of General Vlasov in the service of the Nazis

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Patriots or Traitors – Point of View in the War for Independence

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Nov 16,  · The men we call patriots would have been called traitors if England had won the war. So, patriots are from the USA, and traitors are from England.

The traitor. None of us want our men and women to be put at any unnecessary risk. You will remember the expulsion of Geraldo Rivera for doing just that. He described the future movements of troops on a live broadcast, risking the security of the troops to which he was attached.

In a fascist society, critics of the war would be traitors; in a democratic society they are patriots. Prior to the war, Howard Dean said that while he supported Gulf War I, the war in Afghanistan and the war on terror, he didn't support the timing of the war in Iraq.

A Republican friend. Patriots or Traitors However, as history shows, the Founding Fathers were clearly patriots. Through their love of this country’ while trying to resolve issues without violence, their.

Patriots vs. Traitors · July 8 · Tomi is a political neophyte who stems from a state that causes great confusion for her to understand what actual conservatism looks like. Traitors are generally the ones running for president.

Patriots usually are the ones lying dead in a ditch or coming home in box with no real explanation of why their lives were so casually wasted.

Patriots or traitors
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Who was a traitor to the patriots