Optical instruments

Optical instrument

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optical instrument

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Optical Instruments

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39 Optical Instruments The Camera The photographic camera uses a converging lens to form a real, inverted image of an object.


The image is focused on a film or platewhich is coated. Optical Instruments The reflection and refraction we’ve dealt with so far have focused only on light interacting with flat surfaces.

Optical instrument

Lenses and curved mirrors are optical instruments designed to focus light in predictable ways. The mechanical construction, maintenance procedures, and machining operations of basic optical instruments are explained in detail, supplemented by chapters on maintenance procedures, basic instrument repair, machine shop practices, optical and navigation equipment maintenance, night vision sights and gunsights and submarine /5(2).

The instruments which are used in optics are optical instruments. Thus, the optical instruments are the devices which are used in various purposes like microscope, telescopes, lens, magnifying lens, mirror, astronomical telescope, glass etc.

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Optical instruments
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